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Clocky® Alarm Clock - RED™ KD 15.000
Clocky® Alarm Clock - RED™ Clocky® Alarm Clock - RED™Clocky® Alarm Clock - RED™Clocky® Alarm Clock - RED™

Just try to snooze now... Clocky dares you!

You have one chance, and one chance only to wake up. When this mischievous alarm clock sounds, and you decide not to wake up, it will run away and hide.

This forces you to rise from bed and chase Clocky around the room until you find its hideout and you're wide awake!

Perfect for the chronic multiple snoozer in your home, Clocky allows you to set your snooze time from 0 to 9 minutes. When the time expires, it will jump up to three feet and sound an alarm as it scurries across the floor.

If you want Clocky to stay put, simply disable his wheels (but what fun is that?)


  • Set your snooze time, 0-9 min
  • Snooze once before he runs away
  • Press snooze to view time at night
  • Screen flashes when beeping/running
  • Clocky is small: 5.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Early low battery warning
  • Unique & Random Alarm Beep
  • Backlight
  • Option To Disable The Snooze or Customize Snooze Time
  • Jumps From Up To 3 Feet High, Runs On Carpet or Hard Floors
  • Runs Off Of (4) AA Batteries
  • Great Gift For Anyone You Know That Has Problems Waking Up
  • Option To Disable The Wheels (For Those Really Long Nights).

  • Check Out Clocky® In Action!

    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 08 March, 2014.
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